Are Women Fly Fishers for Real?

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Fishing

First of all, let me say that by no means am I claiming to be an expert on anything. I’ve only been fly fishing for 4 years and I could fish for the remainder of my life and never be one. So I write from my own experiences so far, and some conceived opinions and considerations. One of my first observations is how men like to portray women fly fishers. Men involved in the fly fishing industry have discovered a new tool for promoting their products, women! You say is that anything new? Not really, after all, sex sells right? What gives me a rise is that since time began women were ostracized from the sport of fly fishing but now it’s ok? Oh but,  as long as you look like a model in your skintight waders while you hold your fly rod with a pink reel! Really? Sadly it’s for men leafing thru those magazines, and it’s pure fantasy!

This is REBEKKA REDD of the “New FlyFisher” from her post about comfortable waders for women. 

So what’s the reality of it

Well, you can try the pink reel and tight waders, but you would probably sweat to death in the them and lose the fish with that pink reel! Ha-ha! Again just my opinion and I’m no prude! I just hate seeing women being used as props. Unfortunately, it seems as anytime women get included in a new sport or industry they always have to come up with these pink camos for hunting and pink waders for fishing not to mention destroying the wonderful look of fly rods, reels and accessories by making them pink! It absolutely kills me!

You say “but I love pink!” Ok, you seriously need to get your head examined! Ha-ha! Just kidding! Really?… Thing is you can look great as a woman fly fisher if you wish. Just like all sports,  there is an outfit for fly fishing as well. Fortunately for those of us who don’t like to look like a Barbie doll when fishing there is beginning to be some classy fly fishing wear for women. Here’s an article below about “Female Friendly Wear”



Patagonia Vest Front Sling

Female Friendly: The Fly Fishing Industry’s Newfound Love With Women” 


Gear up for the morning bite

For decades now major companies like Simms, Orvis, and Patagonia have been making fly fishing attire for men. Thankfully they are finally beginning to design quality wear for women as well. The largest concern has been waders and wading boots. For years women have had to wear men’s waders and boots if they could find them to fit. Wading wear is a necessity if you’re going to fish streams or in a float tube on a lake. For the designer minded woman, there is much more to choose from these days, especially if the cost isn’t a factor for you. Everything from fashionable waders and comfortable quality wading boots to wicking wear for when you’re out in the hot sun. Cool face shields and sunglasses which will keep you protected from UV rays. So what, you can’t catch a minnow if your life depended on it? But you look fantastic trying!! Ha-ha!

UV Protection face shields on

Smith Chroma Pop sunglasses great lenses to cut reflection off the water. Available at

Dressing for success

Simms Women’s Vapor wader boots. Great quality and comfortable.

I dress for practicality, not fashion, but that’s just me. I do like Camo wear, not the pink stuff or the big brown leaves! Wearing muted greens and greys is advisable. In clear lakes and especially streams blending in with the surrounding vegetation is key to a successful fishing day. Having a good rain suit, (in muted colors and not bright yellow) goes a long ways towards keeping you dry and warm on rainy days. Fly fishing on an overcast slightly rainy day can be very productive. But staying warm and dry is imperative.

On sunny days covering your head and face is advisable, UV rays can cause certain types of skin cancer. Protecting your eyes is a key priority when fly fishing. A hook could at any time hit you in the face/eye during a cast. I carry 3 pairs of glasses with me. Clear safety glasses for overcast days and evenings,  and 2 pairs of fishing sunglasses of varying densities depending on how sunny and bright it is.

Women who are casting ahead

Key women are changing how female fly fishers are viewed. Though women have been fly fishing for decades, they weren’t always taken seriously. I’ve only been fly fishing for 4 years and I’ve already seen ample evidence of how very little credibility we get from our male counterparts. The extent of this fact I’m sure is dependant on which part of the world you live in. Some parts where fly fishing is more popular may well be more progressive as well. Certainly not on my end of the map! And from my research online, I get a feeling that there is a general consensus that women are fed up. I’ve linked to an article of six up and coming young women fly fishers who are ranking eminently on their own dime. They are competitive, experienced women who are taking the sport to a whole new level. 



Fly fishing is a healthy, beautiful artful sport, I see it as the ballet of fishing! Though it may be true I won’t live long enough to see the women to men ratio equalize, it’s good to see progress. You too can be part of the momentum, become a woman fly fisher!

 Until then 🙂