Fishing For Memories

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Video

Going thru my digital photos a while back I discovered I had taken a couple of videos with my camera while fly fishing. As I watched them I realized how excited and happy it made me! Almost like I was there again! That would be the catalyst for my exciting new idea.

Banking memories for the future

I always have enjoyed taking photos, I even took a photography course when I was in my 20’s, did some wedding photography for a while until I discovered how stressful that was. However, as I age I’ve come to appreciate photos even more. Especially since I’ve started my fishing adventures. So many beautiful scenes and there is always the animals that appear for a photo shoot! But what about videos? Never really occurred to me to take a video, except one day when I was fishing with a friend and we had to break the ice in order to get our boat to open water. We thought it was funny and took a short video on the phone. But what about taking a video while fishing and catching a fish? Wow, that would be a really cool way to bank memories for the future.

It’s time to GoPro!

So back to YouTube I go and research what all the GoPro cameras can do! Well, it’s amazing what these cameras are now capable of, the very tiny 1-3/8” square Hero Session5 shoots in 4K… So what’s 4K I say? I consider myself a fairly progressive 64-year-old, but I kinda missed the boat on the recent Resolution ship! I’m still watching my 57” LED with 1280p. I think that’s pretty fantastic but 4K is something else. It makes you feel like you’re standing right in the picture. Uh?…Fishing right in the picture? Ok, sure! I’m in..Haha… After some in-depth research into the process of shooting videos, I bought a GoPro Hero Session5. It’s small, I can mount it on my hat or on any of my fishing vessels. The best part is it’s also voice activated or can be synced with a remote.

What does this mean to you?

You’re saying so what?… You bought a GoPro, good for you! Haha! Well, if you’re at all curious about what it’s like as a fly fisher to catch a fish you might be in for a treat next fall/winter. Even as a person who has been fly fishing for 5 years now I revel in watching fishing videos! It truly transports you to a place that’s the next best thing to reality. I plan on taking a lot of videos during my summer fishing escapades and hopefully refine my videography to a level where I will feel comfortable uploading them to YouTube. I then can link them to my blog posts and have a live feed on my posts. I am so excited about this new adventure and can hardly wait for the fly fishing season to begin!

I found a sister at arms… Or is it at fishing rods?

During my information quest on YouTube for GOPRO videography, I found another old gal that loves fishing as much as I do! Maybe more… Her name is Ola and she’s “Old Lady Angler” on YouTube from East Central Florida and she has over 500 videos. I was so excited to find her channel and have been watching her videos ever since.

“Old Lady Angler”

There are not very many of us older retired women that have chosen our next life to be “fishing”. This lady has a great fishing channel if you want to see some womanly bass fishing among other species check out her channel.

Just a little over a month to go before the lakes will be free of ice. Thank goodness for a busy spring for me, with renos for hire and work in my yard to pass the time until I’m no longer available! Haha! Happy Spring to all!

Until then, 🙂