Ice Fishing Twice as Nice!

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It’s been a long cold winter and it makes it even sweeter to get out in the sunshine and finally do some ice fishing! I managed ok most of the winter amusing myself with various projects. Not getting nearly enough exercise all winter, I went from 0 to 100 in a week! I went out 4 times in 6 days with one day’s rest in between days. Parts of me I didn’t know could ache were aching!

Packing our sleighs for transport to fishing location.

The heavy snow factor

I don’t remember this much snow on the lakes. It’s a repeat of last winter only worse. I remember getting stuck on one of my trips towards the end of March last year. My friend and I walked over 3 kilometers that day and finally got a very kind young man on a snowmobile to help us push! I was scarred for life by that event and had no intention of repeating it again.

Have snowshoes will travel

I asked Santa for snowshoes this Christmas, and boy was I happy to have them! When I say snowshoes I’m sure many of you probably are picturing these big wooden racquet looking things you wear on your feet as my grandfather did back in the early 1900s. And perhaps those were equally as effective, but nowadays snowshoes are extremely lightweight. They’re made from an alloy and are very easy to put on and remove with a ratchet system straps.


Old style snowshoes

Chinook trekker, great value/good features.

Oops! A sudden turn to back up!

A new approach to ice fishing

Of the 3 lakes we visited for the purpose of ice fishing, there was only 1 we could drive on. It’s always a strange phenomenon when you see lakes with 3 feet of snow cover and then a part of one where there’s barely 6 inches. But it does happen, and we were fortunate enough to hit one that way. It was a real treat! However, not all was lost with the other 2 lakes as we packed our sleigh and tent and off we went on snowshoes. It was hard work but it felt great to have a new approach to a fun day on the ice. We soon found out there’s a learning curve to snowshoeing. It’s best not to suddenly back up with snowshoes on!

Fishing for keeps

I’m not one for keeping the limit on any kind of fish. As a matter of fact, I consider myself mostly a sports fisher catching and releasing most of the fish I catch. But I do like to eat fish at least once a week and I don’t much care for bought ocean fish. So when I ice fish I keep enough fish to feed me until next winter. I like to catch an array of fish to add variety to my fish menu. Winter fish are the best as the water is cold and free of algae and other carcinogens. So I eat walleye, whitefish, pike, and perch. We were able to catch everything but perch which are an elusive bunch in our home waters these days. I do find them from time to time but with all the snow it’s hard to search this winter. But it’s not over yet! 🙂

Whitefish were plentiful this trip, we had a wonderful day!

Lunchtime in the sunshine, life is good in the outdoors!

Sunshine for the soul

Sometimes when you plan a fishing trip ahead of time it’s difficult to foresee the weather conditions. It’s not often you’re lucky enough to have a week of sunshine. Every single day we were out there we had beautiful weather. After a whole winter spent inside it was heavenly to be outdoors for entire days. It truly renewed my soul! I honestly don’t know how some people can spend their entire lives indoors. Spring is around the corner and I look forward to what the rest of 2019 has in store! Get out there and enjoy!

Until then, 🙂