Welcome to my Hobby Blog! It’s about women fly fishing, fly tying and having a great time, rewriting history!

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My name is Ann and I am a retired woman in my sixties. I created a blogging site so I can rant about my fly-fishing which gives me great pleasure in talking about!

But I also want to bring your awareness to life changes after retirement, regarding women. Many times women don’t work out of the home all their lives, they raise families and stay at home or work afterwards for some years. They always say of a man working thirty or forty years “well it will be so hard for him when he retires!” Rarely is such a comment made about a woman.

But as you probably know, today a lot more women have lifelong careers. I for one worked 34 years at a physically demanding job and retirement couldn’t come soon enough. I retired in early spring of 2013. For a while at the beginning, it was great, all this time to do whatever! But it didn’t last long by the following winter boredom had already set in!

I’ve always loved fishing since childhood, I know… You’re saying “but it’s uncommon for women to fish alone”. But then again I do woodworking as a hobby and that’s also unusual. These passions were gifts passed on by my grandfather who raised me.

Circumstances following my retirement dictated my life needed an overhaul. I had longed since my early twenties to learn the sport of fly-fishing; it was time to challenge myself.

Fly-fishing is like an art, I will talk more indepth about it in my next blog…

An injury to my knee in 2015 had me off my feet for a few months. It was the catalyst to teaching myself fly-tying to prepare for my fly-fishing lessons the following summer. Fly-tying as a hobby is a great way to pass the long winter months. You don’t have to know how to tie flies to fly fish but it takes the sport to a whole new level if you tie your own flies.

Fly-fishing requires one to travel to lakes and rivers and often far enough away to spend a few nights camping. Overcoming my fear of going alone on these trips took time and effort, as women of my generation didn’t do that kind of thing! My experiences hovered between fear and exhilaration. Eventually my passion for the sport conquering the ambivalence I felt.

On my blog, I will talk about my fishing excursions and post photos of the new flies I tie as well as fishing videos in the future. My hope is to attract an audience of older women, perhaps women in general, curious about the sport of fly-fishing. All the many different aspects of the sport, like camping, photography and even preparing and cooking fish.  

Perhaps you‘re at a point in your life where you feel the need for a change, or you lost your spouse and find yourself alone. Or as a younger woman you loved the outdoors but have put others’ needs first over the years and now the kids are gone and you’re feeling a little lost. You would like to enjoy life again but don’t know where to start?

Sometimes changing the course of your life is a great way to start a new beginning. And what better way to find yourself than to breathe the mountain fresh air and delight your eyes with unparalleled beauty of water and woodland. And… Fly-fishing is exciting, elating, and catching your first fish on a fly; borders on a Godlike euphoria! Why do you think so many great men love fly-fishing!

Well… Look around my site and see what I’ve chosen to do for my retirement days and the joy it brings me, perhaps you too will see it as a possibility and be drawn to the challenge!

I’ll cut this short! Haha!…I’ll leave the best for the next blog!

Perhaps you would like to share your thoughts on my post, please feel free to do so!

See you soon in the next post! 

Until then, 🙂