Starting Over, New site New Name!


January, 2019

Ann~Damselfly Chronicles

To those of you who knew my previous site. Hello again, welcome to my new site! I hope everyone had a good Holiday Season!

I’ve had to learn a thing or two about creating a website. It was too easy you see, and free! When in reality nothing is ever free, or that easy for me.

The good thing though is my determination, once I decide to do something nothing can stop me. So here I am again with a new blog on a new website and with a new name.

I found out after not getting as much traffic as I was hoping for (after all there’s a whole world out there!) that I needed to add some protocols to my website and because I didn’t own my domain I was very limited to what I could do. Long story short I should have done more research before I created my blogging site.

Photo From Pixabay

But I look at it as an experience, building my first site gave me some knowledge towards this one. As for the name change, well the one prior was too similar to an existing site that also deals with fly fishing. I think “Damselfly Chronicles” better describes me anyway. I am a “damsel” and fly for fly-fishing the rest is self-explanatory. A Damselfly is a popular fly pattern used by fly fishers, doesn’t get any better than that! HaHa!

My other site was with Wix and it was more or less cut and paste, of the fast food variety of web site building. This site was a much bigger undertaking, the real meal deal you might say! There is most definitely a very big learning curve to web site design. I remember building one many years ago using Dreamweaver, WordPress is the new revolution to Web Design. I love learning so this project was right down my alley.

“All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.”

Calvin Coolidge


So I’ve also created a separate Facebook page for my blog notifications, it’s a business one that is linked to my website. I hope to eventually start e-commerce for my flies. As I get older, better at tying flies, less physically able to fish I can sell my flies! Great plan! I think…

Anyway, welcome to my new site and I hope you enjoy some of the changes. I look forward to making further positive changes at this site in times to come. I always welcome any comments and suggestions.


Until then 🙂