Fly-Fishing & Fly-Tying From a Woman's Perspective


You’re never too old to start a new hobby. Are you recently retired and a little bored with the old grind? Well… You have the power to change your story. Perhaps you would like to try something challenging and exciting! Stay a while and check out what I do.




This Blog site is not about being a great FlyFisher or a great Fly Tyer because I’m neither. A lifetime of both makes you great.

It’s about an aging woman taking on a challenging sport and a demanding intricate hobby. Riding the wave of uncertainty and then celebrating the rewards that follow achievements.

I want outdoor-minded older women to know there is more than the senior center and knitting needles waiting for you in your golden years!

Are you needing a change? Perhaps you’re tired of your role as kitchen cook and bottle washer? Ha Ha! Just kidding… But really… Maybe you’d like to try your hand at something new and exciting?

Well, come in and see what I do. It might surprise you… Or it might not be for you, that’s for you to decide. But don’t forget discomfort is sometimes an obstacle worth overcoming to achieve success and changing the course of your life.



 “You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself”

Alan Alda


About Me

If by now I have piqued your curiosity somewhat, I can tell you a little about myself. Like where my passion for the outdoors came from, and why I love my life so much! Come in and read my story, I promise to keep it short!


Here I display three galleries of my prized photos. My Flies gallery showcases some of the flies I tie. My Fishing exhibit displays photos from past and present excursions. And my third gallery is photos of everything I encounter out in the wilderness. Enjoy! 

My Blog

Welcome to my BLOG! I love talking about my fly tying, fly fishing and, ice fishing excursions. I’m no expert, but I offer a unique insight into the sport from a woman’s perspective. Check out my Blogs!

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My Introduction Post

Welcome to my Hobby Blog! It's about women fly fishing, fly tying and having a great time, rewriting history! My name is Ann and I am a retired woman in my sixties. I created a blogging site so I can rant about my fly-fishing which gives me great pleasure in talking...

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